Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday blessings

Today I enter the 40th year of my existence on this planet [for those who may be "arithmatically challenged" that means I turned 39]. :) It's amusing to me how different my idea of birthday blessings is now that I'm a mom. Here are the things that have been gifts to me thus far on my birthday (it's 9:30 a.m.) ...

1 - Brandon slept in until 6:10 this morning! [He is usually awake at 5:45.]

2 - The sun is shining! I LOVE sunny days... even if it's 10 degrees below zero... which it's NOT, praise the Lord... but I'm just saying... well anyway...

3 - A little peace & quiet. My husband took Brandon on an errand and the baby is sleeping... so here I am... sipping on a cup of General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe [for those who are around my age and older, "celebrate the moments of your life!"] ...enjoying a little time on the internet, and planning to have some 1:1 time with God immediately after posting this. I even got to paint my toe nails. Yahoo! :)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Kids are cool, ya know? This week Brandon walked up to me with his blue and yellow plastic shovel in hand and said, "Play guitar"—and then proceeded to sing "Praises, to the One who saves us..." while strumming his shovel-guitar! No one showed him how to do that...he came up with it on his own! That kind of amazes me. Kids are so creative!

The other thing Brandon has been pretending to do for a few weeks is cook with the basic recycled plastic lids and containers in his toybox. He pretends he's cooking eggs & sausage, as well as blending up soup using an old plastic thermal mug (and, of course, hums loudly to make the blender noise). I just wanted to run right out and buy him a little kitchen set! But Jon kind of said, "Wait a minute, honey...if he's having fun pretending with the random stuff he has, let's let him use his creativity!" Good idea. Plus, Brandon's birthday is coming up, so maybe.... well.... shhhhh... don't tell him! :)