Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Funny quip

Yesterday we had a playdate. The boys were watching a movie when Brandon got up and announced, "Both my legs fell asleep!"

So, today we were having a training session when I asked Brandon, "What should you do when Momma asks you to do something?" (The answer is to say ok, Mom and then obey.) His reply, the standard "I don’t know." We've been over and over this. So I begin again, "Brandon, this is a simple question..." when he interjects, "But my head fell asleep!"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad

Happy Father's Day (tomorrow), Daddy! Thank you for all the good, moral, sensible, and fun things you've taught me through the years.

I love you!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soccer boy

Brandon has been attending High Power soccer camp this week! It's sort of like VBS (vacation bible school) in that it meets 9am-12noon for a week, except that it's a soccer theme coupled with the Good News... hence the "High Power." :)

It's been a challenge for Brandon, but a great experience in perseverence and bravery as his introverted personality has had to face a crowd of new [albeit friendly!] faces. He did cry one morning, but the rest of the days he "bucked up" and did it without turning back! I'm very proud of him!

Just look at him go! *sigh* My little boy is growing up!

Cool dudes

New shades for the boys...

Funny and cute!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Becoming royalty

This past weekend I scribbled this profound thought on my bulletin from Pastor Brent's message:

Think about Catherine Middleton. What did she do to become royalty? She married Prince William, and voila!—she is a member of the royal family. In just the same way, when you accepted Christ you were brought right into the Family—you became royalty, God's heir, His child!

I take great comfort in that! I wasn't born of royal blood, and I have performed no great deed other than placing my faith in Jesus, but now I am royalty! Beloved child of THE King of Kings!