Friday, July 26, 2013


Thought for the day:  If my neighbor is having their lawn treated by a professional company and the man applying the treatment is wearing a mask over his face, how does that affect me and my family as the wind carries that scent through my open windows....?  Hmmmmm.

This displeases me.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love one another

God just showed me something this morning. It's about how we regard other drivers and what's really going on in our hearts.

So I'm coming down the freeway and this Chrysler is entering reeeeeally slowly... probably 20 mph slower than the flow of traffic.  Slightly annoyed, I mutter under my breath, "Come on, dude!" 

But what am I REALLY saying?

What I'm really saying is, "I am going somewhere and you're in my way! You're slowing me down!  Move it!"  And it struck me how utterly SELFISH that is!

What does Jesus say about dealing with people?  "Love one another" and "Be patient with one another, bearing with each other in love" and "Forgive one another, just as I have forgiven you!"  (John 13:34, Eph 4:2, Col 3:13)

Whether the guy is 90 years old or not from around these parts, no matter what the reason, we are to be patient and loving toward one another!

I love how the Lord gently convicts. :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My precious super hero

Ohhh yeah!  This is even better than the Green Lantern last month.

Today Brandon volunteered to use the new Kirby to suck up crumbs off the dining room floor. You read it right, folks: Vol. Un. Teered.  I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  Rock it!

Shortly after he began, I heard him say in a booming voice, "I am Super Cleaner! I will clean you up! I'm a super hero!  I make things super-clean!" 

Then he proclaimed, "Activate super cleaner!" when he restarted the machine.

AND THEN... he began looking for other places he could clean... like the rug by the back door... and the stairs!!  Seriously!

What fun pretending can be!   And what a blessing to Mom. :)