Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Ever notice how kids have such an amazing memory? Well, I decided to take advantage of that fact and start imprinting some useful Scripture in Brandon's mind! We've been working on whining/fussing and tantrums, and last week I began reciting a Bible verse to him in effort to help get the point across. So as part of the training process, I been having Brandon repeat after me: "Do everything ... without ... arguing ... or ... complaining. Philippians ... 2:14." The first couple of times I explained to him that complaining was the same as having a tantrum.

Well two days ago, I was just sitting on the couch with my sons—Ryan in my arms, and Brandon next to me—and Brandon started saying, "Ev-fing" (everything)... so I started reciting the verse...

ME: "Do everything..."
BRANDON: "Ev-fing"
ME: "Without..."
BRANDON: "Fuh-out"
ME: "Arguing..."
BRANDON: "Ar-gwing"
ME: "Or..."
BRANDON: "Com-paining." [He remembered the next word was 'complaining' on his own!]
ME: "Philippians..."
BRANDON: "Fip-peens"
ME: "Two, fourteen"
BRANDON: "Two foh-teen."

Then a few hours later, I heard him talking to himself in the kitchen... "Ar-gwing oh com-paining. No fuss." Isn't that cool?! It's starting to sink in! Halleluiah! :)

Also, last night Brandon was sitting in the glider rocker in his room singing, "I Can Only Imagine" while Daddy was filming—we were both almost in tears, it was so precious. :)

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