Monday, August 11, 2008


Ryan is10 months old now, and he's definitely passing a few milestones along the way...

For starters, he popped 3 more teeth on the top during the last week or so. (He's a tough cookie!) He has also begun crawling! It is fascinating to me watching him learn to coordinate his arms and legs so he can go places! Another skill he is striving toward is pulling himself up to his feet. He demonstrated his efforts yesterday when I went in his room to get him after his nap and found him proudly STANDING in his crib, waiting for me. :) My boy is growing up!

Hmmm... I usually can tell when Brandon's doing something naughty by his mischievous laugh... and now Ryan is crying... I better sign off!

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Anonymous said...

Cute post -- Ryan is growing up fast! How sweet that he was standing in his crib when you went to get him ..... :)