Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kid questions = character growth

I share this light-heartedly... worthy of a grin, at least! Here is a sampling of questions from my 4-year-old son, which I am certain God uses to bring about much character growth in me (as I vigilantly subdue my flesh's desire to groan, roll my eyes, grit my teeth, or snap "Because I said so!")... can anyone relate? :)

Me: "Honey, please go potty before you go outside."
Son: "Because why?"

Me: "Please be careful with your hammer so you don't hit the car with it."
Son: "Because what might happen?"

Me: "Sweetheart, please share with your brother."
Son: [whining] "But why?"

Ahhhhh... all in a day's work. But oh, how I do love my boys! :)

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