Thursday, April 22, 2010


My oldest, Brandon, loves to be tickled! Kids are funny, ya know? He'll say, "Mom, I need some tickies!" [He calls getting tickled tickies.] His best spots are on his neck and up his pant-leg to his knees. My tickles are always met with fits of laughter and shouts of "Stop! Stop!" But about 2 seconds after I stop, he'll say, "Do it again!"

During today's "tickies" session, I realized how much I love hearing my son giggle. What joy his laughter brings to my heart! And joy really feels good. :) So bring on the tickies!


Irritable Mother said...

Yes. My kids like to play 'Tickle Wrestle.'
In this game, the adult's butt must stay planted while the kids run past. The planted adult then tries to grab the kids and tickle them.
But, alas, two of my kids are nearly bigger than I am now (And one of them beats me in arm-wrestling.) so I don't play this game much. Hubby is still bigger, though!

Chris said...

I know, I love a little kid's laughter, nothing like it!