Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Riding the red bike

Today my oldest son, Brandon, rode a real bike for the first time!

He's been sort of practicing on a "balance bike" (a 12" bike with no pedals), so he didn't even need training wheels. He did great! At first Dad helped him get moving, but he got the hang of it quickly, and soon Dad was having to run to catch up!

I am so proud of him... I'm actually kind of speechless. :) Maybe I'm just a little shocked at the way he's growing up before my very eyes...


TheUnSoccerMom said...

Yay Brandon! They grow up so quickly. :o)

Wish I knew about blogging when Christen was little... No telling where the pictures are of her taking her first ride on her bike. :o)

Chris said...

That's great! My 7 yr old still wouldn't try riding last summer. Maybe this year!

Irritable Mother said...

Way to go, Brandon!
I feel your pain regarding the growing up thing. Elizabeth just finished segment one of driver's training, and as soon as we get over to the Secretary of State she'll have her driver's permit. Thank goodness she's got a whole year before she can get her license. I need time to get used to this! *wink*