Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ready for Spring. Now. Right now.

Not a very promising picture of Spring (above), is it? Yeah... not so much. Pretty drab.

Overall, I guess I'm not too bent out of shape about the wet white ground cover and lack of Spring's more typical physical attributes.

It's more problematic when dealing with two crazy busy boys who have a whole winter-ful of energy that's starting to burst forth. Presently, my 5-year-old is running around the dining room table to gain speed, and then hurling himself into a full body-slam against my husband on the couch. Repeatedly. He's laughing so hard he can barely speak (my husband, that is).  Downstairs, my 7-year-old is setting up an obstacle course of sorts.

Meanwhile, Daddy and Momma still secretly long for hibernation. :) haha

1 comment:

Karen Hossink said...

Ha, ha!
Love the image I have in my mind of your little guy pouncing on his daddy. What fun! :)