Friday, November 20, 2009

8 things being killed by the Internet

I saw this little list in Readers' Digest this past month...

8 Things Being Killed By the Internet

► Polite disagreement
► Letter writing
► Memory
► Daydreaming
► Waiting a day for sports scores
► Footnotes
► Leaving your desk for lunch
► Concentration

[Original Source: Matthew Moore in the London Daily Telegraph]

Very interesting. Kinda makes ya chuckle, but kinda gets you thinking too. Like how, although the Internet has brought about many great things, there are some definite drawbacks... for me... like how easily it lures me away from things more productive (or important)—like tending to my kids, house-cleaning, reading a book, having a QT, etc. ......

BUT, self-control is one of those things God is always working on with me... and self-control is something I will always be working on with my boys too.... learning how to co-exist with modern distractions like TV, the Internet, texting, etc. What a different world we live in now than what I grew up in!

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