Monday, November 2, 2009

Humility goes a long way

During the boys' naptime today, I was listening to one of Mark Darling's parenting messages from his Getting Your Family to Mars series... and he said something that struck me kinda profoundly...
"You can't be a perfect parent—but you can be perfectly humble."

As in, saying you're sorry if you blow it, admitting you were wrong, etc. Because God gives grace to the humble.

And a verse from Psalm 25 came to mind: "He leads the humble in doing right, teaching them His way." It doesn't say, "He leads the perfect..." It just gave me another glimpse of God's grace for parents—because I struggle so much with feeling like I need to be perfect in order for Him to approve of me or bless me or be near me during the day in the midst of mothering—despite what I know the Bible says. Oh, to really grasp His love for me....!

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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! Pefect, in addition in the 40 Days book mention of humility! Lord, I DO need to be more humble!!!