Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boys, trucks, and dirt

Here's what we've been up to lately: enjoying the great outdoors in suburbia! Here are a few pics of my boys in their usual spot... in the dirt. In this case, that would be the dirt around our bushes. We're too cheap to spring for a sandbox. Kidding! We just haven't gotten around to it. (You know, gotta find one—or make one—with a cover so the neighborhood cat doesn't claim it as his new litter box. Ew.) In this picture, Brandon looked up just in time to say "cheeeese."

Notice how dirty Ryan's legs and socks are? He's down in it...

...on his tummy... in a white t-shirt, of course... having a good ol' time. (What was his mother thinking??) I am starting to accept that he may need a bath daily.

I love it when they play together nicely like this! My heart's desire is for them to be best friends. ☺


luvmy4sons said...

Yeah...One of my favorites memories was letting my two oldest at the time play in a mud puddle that had collected at the corner of the garage after a rain. They were covered head to toe in thick mud, totally drenched and muddy but happy as larks. Your boys are adorable. So glad that they are blessed with a mama who lets them be dirt lovin' boys!

Irritable Mother said...

Yep. I don't even buy white shirts for my boys anymore. In fact, I wonder why manufacturers even make them! LOL
The thing I learned with boys? A little dirt never hurt anyone.

Way to go, Mom!

Chris said...

I just posted about boys today too! Gotta love 'em! Your pictures are great.

We once let ours play outside just after a rain. We made mud "paint" in a bucket (just mud and water) and let them paint all over the driveway. Then just washed it off with the hose later. I'd forgotten about that - we might have to re-visit that activity soon!