Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the motive?

I was inspired last Friday. I sat down with a pen and paper while my kids were playing and started assessing my role as a mom as well as my sons' progress. I wrote down some areas in which I felt the boys were needing improvement... some new rules (such as, no jumping off the arms of the couch) ...things I want to pray more diligently about (that my boys would be lovers of God more than lovers of pleasure) ...and exhortations to myself, like, "You're in this season with the boys—like it or not—don't miss these great opportunities to train them!" I also recognized that the chore chart of a 4-year-old boy is more indicative of my diligence in requiring his help than his desire/ability. And I started drafting a loose schedule for these summer days, seeing that large quantities of unplanned time land the boys in trouble (you know what they say about idle hands!).

So I was feeling pretty good about all that, even though it was just a brainstorming session for me. But as I was discussing it with my husband on Saturday, I realized that, while these things are all good, I need to be careful that my hope isn't just to create an easier life for myself! That sneaky motive of the “easy life” was creeping in again!

I'm so glad that came to light! While I still intend to somehow implement my ideas, I want to do so without my goal (or my hope) being in an easier, more pain-free life. I want my heart to be centered on God's leading and His will for my life—and focusing on my faithfulness as a parent, not fruit! God's ways are good and perfect, and I know I will never be disappointed if I seek His heart on the way I should live!

Have you ever started making plans...but then felt God remind you to check your motives? Are you willing to wait on God's timing and be content with His processes, purposes, and plans for your life? (I am asking myself the same question!) I'm so glad God is so loving—never accusing or demeaning—in His manner toward us!


luvmy4sons said...

Oh, there's the rub. Yes? Motives of the heart. We judge the outward appearance but God judges the heart. Being a parent is the most wonderful ground for God to continue to mold us into His image as we go along. I often have to stop and remember that my children are sinners and that God has his own plans for their life. Learning that I cannot produce "perfect" children no matter what kind of parent I am or am not was something I had to let go. I must be faithful to the task because I am commanded to train them up in the way that they should go, but I often had to check my motives as well and let go of a lot. Still do! God motivates the heart. Salvation is His work to do and sanctification as well. Great post! Blessings!

Irritable Mother said...

Motive check? Uh, yeah.
Like how we finally got a dog? Because when I considered the reasons I had for NOT having one, I discovered they all began with "I". As in, I don't want dog hair all over the place. And, I don't want poop in the yard. And, I don't want to be the one who does all the work for a dog.
But, what a blessing Mindy has been. So glad God helped me get over myself!

As to the training thing, and making my life easier? Here's a little confession: Sometimes I get to thinking that what I'm really doing is making my future daughter-in-laws' lives better. Makes me feel a little less selfish. LOL!