Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our example to our children

Have you ever realized that there are things we do, as adults, that are acceptable (or accepted) in the context of adulthood, but not what you want your child to do? Earlier this week I had the opportunity to think about the example I set..... in the car. 
Consider the way you talk to other drivers. Maybe you don't do that. I do quite often. "Wake up, dude!" I say if they take too long to accelerate when the light turns green. What's wrong with that, right? It's not like I cursed at him. But what if your children start using that tone and similarly impatient phrases in everyday life situations?
Or you're in a hurry and zip through a traffic light as it's turning red. Brandon says to me, "Uh, Mom... didn't you just go through that red light?" And right away I'm thinking, Well, we're in a hurry! We're going to be late if we don't...  Hmm.  Reality check.  So it's OK to break the law if you have a good reason for it, then? Is that the message I want to send my kids? Aren't I always saying, "Do the right thing, no matter what"?? 
What example am I setting without realizing it?
Interesting how God can use parenting like a mirror to us... we are able to see more clearly the things that we ourselves are doing that may be unkind, unwise, or just plain wrong. After we've been Christians for awhile, it's like we start to become blind to some of these things... or we start making excuses for bending the rules. Nothing like children to help you see your own flaws. :) The older they get, the more astute they are when it comes to right and wrong (shockingly, even though their conduct may not reflect that!).
Just strikes me as profound. And complicated.

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