Thursday, April 3, 2014

Comfort... my arch nemesis...

Comfort.  I value comfort more than I often realize.  (I'll bet most of us do.)  Do I value living for Jesus more than comfort?  Am I willing to make sacrifices of my precious time, my money, my preferences, or even my rights... for His glory?  Am I willing to step out where He's leading?  Would I be to set aside the things I love which bring me comfort (think: coffee, computer time, or whatever) for His greater purposes??  Not saying those things are bad... just interesting to examine whether I'd even be willing to set them aside if He asked me to.

Here's a little snippit from the  Focus on the Family broadcast on 4/3/14.

Jim Daly: People tend to, in my observation, we lean toward comfort. That's the human nature. Even in a Christian context. We want life to be comfortable. We pray for life to be comfortable!  Is that right or wrong?

Dr. Arnie Cole:  I'm not saying whether it's right or wrong, I'm saying yes, you're reading a trend very clearly. To me, as a Christ follower, I look for people who want to "win the day" spiritually, if you will. ...  A lot of people define comfort as winning the day spiritually. But I'm looking at what makes a difference in your spiritual life. And oftentimes comfort is problematic for people.

Something to think about!!

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