Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Right" with Him because of what HE did

I've been exchanging comments on someone else's blog, and it's got me thinking more deeply about my "performance" as a Christ-follower and God's grace.  One blogger wrote:

>> Legalism robs us of joy, but it does give us a sense of security; it is scary when that security is pulled out from under us…but it forces us out of our comfort zone and to find that security in Christ alone.<<

So I started thinking... Legalism does give a sort of warped sense of security—we think if we just follow this list of rules, we're good to go!  But once we start trying to follow a list of "rules" we realize it's unachievable (that's what happened to me)—which robs your joy—and is not God's plan!

Perhaps that's why things go the way they do in life... why X plus Y often doesn't equal Z.  Because God wants us to rely on HIM in everything, not a [predictable?] list of rules.  I think God is happier when we rely on Him—for direction AND for His grace to cover our messes!—than when we strive to do everything "perfectly" or "the right way" (whatever we perceive that to be!).

That's where the freedom is: knowing we are SECURE IN CHRIST right in the midst of our messes—because He chose to lay down His life to pay the penalty for our sins—not secure with Him because of our "good deeds."

That's my big thing right now: trying to grasp that my "rightness" with God is because of what HE did, not because of anything I have done!  (The moment I start thinking I'm a "good Christian" I am already counting on my good deeds!)

I'm so thankful for God's patience and His grace!!!

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