Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chores and developing character

I don't think I needed to be convinced that chores are good for children.  But this little snippit written by Marilyn Rockett really sums it up:

The lessons our children need to master are greater than how to make a bed, vacuum a floor, clean a toilet, or consistently feed a pet.  They need to develop perseverance, stewardship of possessions, cheerful service to others, teamwork, selflessness, completing a  job they start, and working with excellence as unto the Lord. †

To rephrase it, by doing chores our children aren't just learning housekeeping skills.  They're gaining valuable character lessons in:
  • perseverance
  • stewardship of possessions
  • cheerful service to others
  • teamwork
  • selflessness
  • completing a job they start
  • working with excellence as unto the Lord

I'll admit, I'm often tempted to just do the household chores myself—not necessarily because I just love doing them, but because I can do them more efficiently, and with a whole lot less complaining! (hah!)  But when I see the benefits of children doing chores "spelled out" in these terms, it helps me make the effort to keep my boys on track with their daily tasks. 

† From "PACE Yourself: Plan, Assign, Change, Execute" by Marilyn Rockett, which appeared in The Paper MACHE magazine, August/September 2014 issue


Karen Hossink said...

Yes, indeed, there is more to it than just getting the job done. The thing is - I think the whole process of teaching our kids to do chores develops character in us mommies, too. :)

Sara K. said...

I completely agree, Karen! I think God is working on developing more tenacity and perseverance in ME! :)