Monday, August 18, 2014


If I got a chance to do it again—buying a house, that is—I would choose a house where the bedrooms are upstairs and the kitchen, dining room, and living room (which would be on the main level, of course) are open and flow together without walls between them.  Here's why.

My children are early risers.  I am too.  However, I would like to rise before they do.  But, living in a rambler—where the main living area and bedrooms are on the same floor—if I'm making any noise in the kitchen, they hear me and get up.  What's the point of getting up at 5:30 if the chil'uns are up then too?

Regarding having what I believe they refer to as a "great room" these days—having the kitchen, dining room, and living room one open space without dividing walls—would be beneficial for parental supervision purposes.  Presently, I can be working in the kitchen and all kinds of shenanigans and tom foolery are going on at the dining room table, of which origin I cannot discern because I do not have x-ray vision!

Anyway... just thinking.  Truthfully, I am happy with my humble abode, all in all.  We have a warm, cozy home in a safe neighborhood with kind neighbors.  What more could we ask for?  (Well... er... see above... hee hee)


Karen Hossink said...

Sara, I don't have an issue with the early risers (As they get older, trust me - they'll sleep in later!) but I do know the benefits of the open room concept.
Our kitchen and family room are basically "one", with a counter-top dividing them. Many times I have been preparing dinner while the kids and their friends are playing on the x-box, chatting away - about anything - as if I am not even there. I love the window into their world! :)

Sara K. said...

Yes, Karen -- and that "window into their world" is what I think parents really need as their children get older! (We better start saving for remodeling!!)