Sunday, April 19, 2015

Conquer! Overcome!

OK. With a strong title like that, I better just cut to the chase.  This is not an exhortation to trust Jesus. This is about spiders.

I hate spiders. As a kid I was afraid of them. Now I just think they're creepy and gross. Blech. [I have goose-bumps just thinking about them.] In a scientific way, I suppose there is some element of interest—I mean, their webs are pretty amazing—but that has no influence my disgust of them.

However, I do not want my kids to be afraid of them as I was—so I have to use my super-mommy acting skills! I calmly make neutral comments like, "Insects may live outside, but they may not live inside my house" as I crush them with a Kleenex, cringing all the while. (For the record, I actually set one free outside last year.)

One of the worst places to find a spider is on the ceiling or on the wall up higher than your head.  Then you've gotta get a chair, and there's always the chance that it might drop on you.  (How would I describe that sort of incident? Terrorizing might be a little strong... perhaps freakish would be more apropos.)

But I realized the other day that my fear extreme dislike of spiders is highly diminished if they are on the ground. (I courageously smashed one on the wall near the floor with a Kleenex without even batting an eye!)

So here's my tip: if it's above your head, first knock it down to the floor. Try using a broom. (I tried using the boys' Nerf guns, but after more than a dozen shots and misses, the broom was a sure bet.)  Then slay the creepy thing. No prob. :)


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Karen Hossink said...

How funny! We were just talking over dinner (like about 15 minutes ago) about my son's childhood fear of spiders.
Something happened along the way to get him real interested in bugs - such that he would get mad at me for killing them in the house. (My line was always, "If they aren't paying rent, they aren't living in my house.") But he never did cultivate a love for spiders.
Thanks for the, uh, extermination tip. *wink*