Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pondering Mother's Day

An unexpected thought occurred to me this morning... how Mother's Day is as much about me (as a mother) feeling loved as it is about my children knowing that I love them

I saw how eagerly they brought in their cards and gifts... their eyes wide and sparkling and watching for my reaction.  And it struck me how they were awaiting my surprise, my excitement, my approval, my adoration of their loving efforts...

How the whole experience affected their hearts as much as it affected mine.

Very sweet... and cool how God uses all these things to shape us and mold us. :)


Karen Hossink said...

Very sweet, indeed.
I was tickled on Mother's Day by the fact that it took three people in the kitchen to do what I do every evening for dinner. LOL!

Sara K. said...

Wow! Three people to replicate your kitchen prowess! :) That's sort of an indirect compliment in itself. ;)