Friday, March 21, 2008

10 things you might not know about me

Hey there... I got “tagged” on Kim’s blog to list 10 facts or oddities about myself. Isn’t everything about me an oddity? :) ha ha Well anyway, here goes...

1 – I am virtually 100% Norwegian in heritage, and I was born on Norwegian Independence Day (May 17th).

2 – This Norwegian girl grew up in a renowned German town in southern Minnesota—and does NOT like saur kraut!

3 – As a child, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, like my Grandma Minnie was. Instead, I chose business as my college major and held jobs in the fields of Human Resources and Finance. Now that my husband and I are considering home schooling our children, my childhood wish of being a teacher may come true.

4 – Growing up, my favorite color was red. I had red everything... red toothbrush, red carpet, and even a red phone.

4 – In my youth, I remember going to Valleyfair a few times. During those days, the employees wore "old time" costumes, the ladies in long blue skirts and the guys in red knickers. I was certain that you had to be a really special person to work there!

5 – I received the "Dorian" outstanding vocalist award my senior year of high school, which entitled me to a scholarship offer to Luther College that would cover voice lessons... not exactly what I considered a vital use of scholarship dollars! As badly as I wanted to attend Luther, I chose Mankato State instead.

6 – I was hit by a car during my last year of college. It happened in broad daylight as I was walking home from class. Rather than being angry that this young lady hit me, I felt grateful to God that I had no broken bones or internal injuries—just 10 staples in my head and some road rash! There was a big controversy in the college newspaper over whether or not I was in the crosswalk at the time I was hit, which sort of added insult to injury. [For the record, YES, I was in the crosswalk—however, after I got hit I was no longer in the crosswalk. Get it?]

7 – I shook Arnold Swartzenegger’s hand in 1992 when the "Planet Hollywood" restaurant was about to open in the Mall of America.

8 – I consider chocolate and creamy coffee drinks to be my only vices. No guilt! :)

9 – If I had to choose between a beach or the mountains for vacation, I’d choose mountains.

10 – My only claim to fame: I sang with Lisa Keith as the opening act for Avalon at the Women's Expo in 2004!

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Anonymous said...

You're kidding -- red carpet? This was fun to read, Sara. I had no idea about the getting hit by a car fiasco; you had a great description of it! Cheers to the chocolate!