Thursday, February 3, 2011

Got prayer?

Yesterday I pulled 31 Days of Prayer (by Ruth Myers and Warren Myers) off the bookshelf. After a brief scan, I decided to make it my quiet time companion for the next month or so.

Actually, I'm a little surprised I didn't read it at the time I purchased it about 8 years ago. I have loved and re-read several times the Myers' previous book, 31 Days of Praise, and it ministers to my heart in new ways every time. But this book... a book specifically about prayer? What's there to know about prayer? You just tell God what you need, right? Well, yes... but there's so much more to it...

To quote from the book, prayer "brings us into a love relationship with God, rooted in our realizing how much we need Him and our choosing to depend on Him. Prayer also links our lives with God's exciting purposes and power." I want that!! I could use some help in this area! I want my prayer life to go beyond what I call vending machine prayers... "God, I need this" and "God, help me with that"... like putting my prayer into the coin slot and expecting an answer to drop into the basket.

So I read day 1 this afternoon, and boy did God move my heart! The prayer brought up being an ambassador for Christ in all areas of my life... asking God to work in me and through me... and recognizing that God alone can give true significance to my work and activities. It just made me realize how narrow my focus has become (i.e. too inwardly focused on MY mothering responsibilities, MY kids, MY issues).

Oh, how I want to walk closely with Him and rest in the joy of His presence. All. Day. Long. I hope this book will be a springboard into a greater prayer life—not just for mySELF, but for others (known or unknown)—and to experience God freshly and more deeply in seeing Him move!


TheUnSoccerMom said...

I listen to KLove Radio and a while back they had featured a story about a man and his son. They were in a horrible accident and his son actually died for a few minutes but was revived. (the father actually a wrote a book:, and I had forgotten all about it until you wrote this post, I'm about to buy it NOW!)... anyway.... the father was talking about his son and how he's doing now. (and I could get some of this next part wrong, but you'll know the important part is totally accurate) The father asked the son one day about saying a prayer to God and the son assured him he did pray. The father was a bit confused and wanted to know why the boy didn't stop there and say a prayer, you know stop what he was doing, say it out loud. The boy said: but Dad, I'm in constant prayer, I'm in constant prayer with God and I talk to him all the time.

I want that. To be in constant prayer. To always have that life line open.

(sorry about the super long comment!! I just realized how long I went on..)

Sara K. said...

Jodi -- your comment wasn't THAT long! I totally appreciate where you're coming from... to connect with the Lord on that level... like heaven on earth.