Sunday, February 6, 2011

No matter what your mood... pray.

This paragraph from 31 Days of Praise was SO convicting to me! I should pray no matter how I feel—and perhaps especially when I'm not feeling like it!!

>>We get in trouble when we depend on our feelings in prayer. We start thinking we have to be in a praying mood to pray. Or we call our petitions "good prayers" if they give us a certain feeling. It's much better to just decide to pray, as God commands—regardless of how we feel. Charles Spurgeon wrote, "We should pray when we are in a praying mood, for it would be sinful to neglect so fair an opportunity. We should pray when we are not in a praying mood, because it would be dangerous to remain in so unhealthy a condition."<<

Myers, Ruth. 31 Days of Praise, p.193

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Irritable Mother said...

Mmmmm. I LOVE that book!

I remember the first time I heard we should praise - even when we don't feel like it. I thought, Are you kidding? That is so hypocritical! Then I began to understand the idea that God is good, and worthy of praise - REGARDLESS of how I'm feeling.
Yes - so glad our feelings don't need to call the shots!